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Giving Tuesday...everyday

While it might not make as big a splash as all the adverts for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is far more important.

But that doesn't mean we need to keep the giving confined to just one day! That's why I'd encourage everyone to consider giving a bit of their time.

Looking for a bit of direction? Melbourne-based socialpreneur Matthew Boyd runs a website called Vollie. Vollie aims to take advantage of Australia’s invisible economy, the nearly $20 billion in unpaid volunteer labor. Instead of the traditional model, which is usually filled with time-consuming applications and then volunteering hours that don’t always work with a busy professional schedule, Vollie takes a different approach. The website helps connect volunteers with opportunities around the world. The clincher? Everything is done online. From the job advert, to the application, to the volunteering work, you don’t have to ever put on a pair of pants!

After only a couple of years, Vollie users have already contributed over 531,000 volunteer hours and close to nine million dollars in value. If you’re serious about helping, check them out.

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