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Getting Warmer

Protesters throw soup at Mona Lisa
They've done it again!

Climate activists have struck the Mona Lisa...again. But this time, I'm not mad at them. 

Anyone who's read my books or listened to my podcast knows how much I dislike the antics of groups like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion. While they may raise awareness, they do little to convert people to action. This recent campaign by a group called Food Counterattack, though, was a definite move in the right direction. Why?

👉 The message was clear and relatable. Food insecurity is dangerous for the planet's future, and the present predicaments of farmers and consumers. 

👉 The message was front and centre. Whether through the shirts, speech, or releases to media, it was clear what the group was going for and why. 

👉 The message was actionable. Instead of some wishy-washy "save the planet" message, Food Counterattack gave actionable things people and government could do. That included a proposed monthly stipend to help people cope with the rising cost of living. 

Was it perfect? Not exactly, and I'd still advocate against this type of activism. But it's a far cry better than glueing one's face to the pavement or hand to a painting. 

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