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How Will You Change the World in 2021?

Hitting the gym, saving money, and practicing a bit of gratitude are all stock-standard New Year's resolutions. They're also very much about me, me, me.

Instead of all this, why not resolve what you'll do this year to make a difference outside yourself? Don't worry, though, because by giving to others you'll actually be making a positive impact on your own life too! It's a mindset shift that creates a virtuous cycle with untold benefits.

Looking for a bit of inspiration?

Volunteer. Pick an organization you can devote time and/or money to throughout the year. Make sure whatever it is capitalizes on your unique strengths. Don't hop around, either. Stick with this group for the long haul.

Minimize distractions. Free up your time by minimizing the pesky things hanging over your head. That way you have more time to focus on what's important and impactful instead of wasting time fighting fires.

Give it a go. Is there an issue in your community you've always wanted to address? What about the gaps in help for needy groups or causes? Well, there's no time like the present to get off your butt and give it a go! If you won't do it, who will?

For my part, I've resolved to be more inspirational. That means sharing as much knowledge, skill, and capabilities as possible to make the biggest difference I can this year.

So...what's your resolution?

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