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A Guide Of Sustainable Measures For Better Business

Modern-day greenwashing comes in many forms.

Firstly, you’ve got your blatantly false claims, like how the oil industry continues to push how environmentally friendly it is. Then, there are misleading labels. Some companies swap out one good for one bad, like sweeping the child labour in Bangladesh under the rug because they’ve given to a children’s charity in Zimbabwe. Many make irrelevant claims to demonstrate their greenness, while the laziest simply douse their packaging in green. Just because it looks environmentally friendly on the package doesn’t mean it is. How dumb do they think we are?

Over the past two years, I’ve noticed a massive uptick in the amount of greenwashing pushed out to consumers. More and more companies are hopping on the “eco-friendly” bandwagon, knowing there’s big bucks at play. In their desperation for attention, they’ve either deliberately or (hopefully) inadvertently fallen into one of greenwashing’s many traps.

DocuSign, a company that’s revolutionised the way we do business, has also revolutionised what it means to be a purpose-driven organisation. I had the privilege of working with them over the past several months to really understand their unique contributions to a more sustainable future.

Recognising greenwashing’s growth, we worked together to create DocuSign’s latest e-book, “Paper Is Costing Us The Earth: A Guide Of Sustainable Measures For Better Business.” In it, we discuss what it takes to be a purpose-driven business, pitfalls to avoid, and how to steer clear of greenwashing. This handy guide is perfect for any organisation trying to create truly positive change.

Check out Laura Wells asking Sydney-siders what makes a sustainable workplace. Then, download your free copy of the report.

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